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Modern House

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Shopping Center

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Office building

An other work


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What Clients Say

"Very serious, punctual worker and demanding she’s been efficient. Very professional, she is involved in the project and adapts herself to your needs and wishes. For me it was a team member work I needed to improve my business."
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Fanny Gallicier
Cook & founder of Conejo Feliz
"In one day Jennifer built me a “onepage” website that I can now administer all alone! I had no idea how to handle the graphic design or organization of the content, Jennifer listened to me and understood what I wanted and what I needed!"
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Mathilde Cordier Hüni
CEO Detox Box
"We had a little old blog, Jennifer turned it into a real website. It is a valuable element, a very professional person who volunteers work within our association. Her dynamism and creativity has rejuvenated us and helped us grow."
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Tatiana Espinoza
President of Santiago Accueil

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5 Place Charles de Gaulle
75001 PARIS

P: +33 6 119639XX


3 chemin du bonheur

P: +33 6 119639XX